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We are excited to be a new part of the lovely Bellingham community and are focused on making sure patients feel welcomed, comfortable, and informed. Each member of our team is here to be your advocate for your health and wellness, even beyond dental and oral care. Whether you’re in need of a simple cosmetic treatment, a complex restorative procedure, or are looking to be screened for sleep apnea, we are here to provide a service for every need. Our team can’t wait to meet you!

Can't Tolerate CPAP?

We can help. Quality dental care should include total oral health. That’s why we practice dental sleep medicine, which focuses on treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). With oral appliance therapy, we can help keep the airway open for comfort and relief.

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Got Headaches & A Clicking Jaw?

We've got you. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) occur as a result of issues with the jaw and/or jaw joint (TMJ). Our corrective dental treatments include medication, splint therapy, and physical therapy so you can maintain your oral health while being comfortable and pain-free.

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Missing A Tooth?

We're here to help. By replacing a missing tooth, dental implants can restore the health and function of your teeth so you can smile with confidence. Dental implants are secure, long lasting, expertly-crafted, and blend into your smile seamlessly just like a natural tooth. We offer same-day dentistry, schedule now!

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A Dedication to Service

Meet Dr. Chaz

Dr. Charles Vittitow, better known as Dr. Chaz, grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. His father, who spent 25 years as a dentist, inspired Dr. Chaz to pursue this field after noticing his dedication to patients and community involvement. Today, Dr. Chaz mirrors those qualities by serving those in need and lending his time and services to philanthropic efforts.

Dr. Chaz attended Western Kentucky University and then went on to the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Shortly after, he was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy, serving five years stationed in San Diego, Sicily, and Whidbey Island. Upon returning, he spent a couple of years as an associate dentist and now he is proud and excited to own his own practice.

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Community Events

Our office is proud to help sponsor local community events. We will be sponsoring the August 29th concert in this series for the benefit of World Relief Western Washington. Check out the series!

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Great experience. Appreciate Dr. Vittitow helping my husband sleep better.
I had the pleasure of having Dr. Vittitow as my dentist. I must say that if all dentists were as gentle, polite and knowledgeable as him, I would brush and floss more often :-) I’m very thankful for the experience I had, and Washington is lucky to have him. I’m now in San Diego, CA where I’m stationed and I wish we had more dentists like him down here.
Dr. Vittitow Is great! He is honest and does a wonderful job explaining things. I highly recommend him.
I have one of those stressful jobs that make me clinch my teeth during the day. I sometimes get headaches. My awesome dentist brought it to my attention that some headaches are really associated with unbalanced teeth. He adjusted a few teeth that bothered me and I now feel like a million dollars. Everyone I know tells me I am more pleasantly to be around and I smile a little more. Thank you Dr. Vittitow for helping me find a little more balance in my life.

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